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“Power” Star Michael Rainey Jr Almost Shot by Police During Traffic Stop In Viral Video

“Power” Star Michael Rainey Jr’s encounter with police is going viral. Michael Rainey Jr who plays Tariq on the show, claimed that that police would have shot him if he wasn’t recording. He believes that’s the only reason why he is still alive.

The Details of Police Harassing “Power” Actor Michael Rainey Jr.

According to his own account the cop who pulled him over, didn’t give him a reason why he was stopped. He says the cop immediately came at him showing his gun and yelling, even though he didn’t react hostility in any way. When the cop told him to look for his license he also told him to “stop reaching”, which indicates the cop wanted to shoot Michael Rainey Jr., but needed a reason to do it legally.

This incident shows that no matter how famous or rich you are an encounter with police can go wrong very quick. Michael Rainey Jr. wants to the cop in the video punished for an unlawful traffic stop, but given how cases like this go he probably won’t get in any trouble.

Thankfully nothing deadly went down, and he is still alive to tell this disturbing story.

Author: JordanThrilla Staff