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Videos Show Meek Mill Getting Beat Up in Ghana Africa Then Climbing Tent to Escape During Fight at Afro Nation Concert

Meek Mill’s recent trip to Ghana Africa went from 0 to 100 real quick. This was his first time traveling to the country, so he made many posts on social media conveying how excited he was. However, there were some people there who seemed determined to make things a bit hectic for him. It started with his phone getting stolen, and ended with him getting jumped during his show.

Why Was Meek Mill Fighting in Ghana Africa During his Afro Nation Concert?

Meek Mill was set to perform before a packed crowd at his Afro-Nation show. The three-day music festival celebrates the rich culture and heritage of the African diaspora. The festival features live music from some of the most popular African and international artists, as well as food and merchandise vendors.

Everything was going smoothly until all hell broke lose before his set could even begin. Details on what started the fight are vague, but footage shows Meek Mill getting beat up while fighting several people, before he began to retreat. Reports suggest that he had to eventually climb on top of a tent to get to safety. It’s alleged that he had less security than usual do to some passport issues with his team. When he told Ghana he needed “extreme energy” at his show he probably didn’t mean this way.

Imagine getting your phone stolen, and getting beat up in the same night. At least social media helped get his phone returned.

This situation is a tragic, because this was Meek Mill’s first time in Ghana Africa. It’s always tough to forget a bad experience you had in a country when it was your only time being there. This Afro Nation concert fight definitely wasn’t a good look for everyone involved.

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