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Nuggets Coach Michael Malone Disses the Lakers While Looking at Polaroid Picture from WCF in New Video

The Denver Nuggets made history by sweeping the Los Angeles Lakers in the Western Conference Finals playoff series, and their coach Michael Malone has been having fun at their expense ever since. Even though he’s now focusing on the NBA Finals, he still has the Lakers in the back of his mind as proven by a new video.

Why Michael Malone Took a Shot at the Lakers After Seeing a Polaroid Picture

In a video posted by the Nuggets’ official Twitter account, Malone was seen holding a polaroid picture of himself and his team celebrating on the court after their Game 4 victory. He then looked at the camera and said, “I look pretty happy here. What happened that night? Do you remember? Something about a broom, and a sweep. I don’t know”.

Malone’s sarcastic remark was a clear shot at the Lakers, who were heavily favored to win the series and advance to the NBA Finals. The Lakers had won 17 championships, the most in NBA history, while the Nuggets had never reached the Finals before.

However, Malone and his team had other plans. Led by two-time MVP Nikola Jokic, the Nuggets dominated the Lakers from start to finish.

Malone was not shy about expressing his frustration with the media coverage of the series, which he felt was biased towards the Lakers and their star duo of LeBron James and Anthony Davis. He said after Game 2 that he was tired of hearing about the Lakers’ narratives, and that his team deserved more respect.

Malone has been the head coach of the Nuggets since 2015, and he has led them to five consecutive playoff appearances, including three Western Conference Finals. He has also been named an NBA All-Star Game head coach twice, in 2019 and 2023.

He will now try to guide his team to their first NBA championship, as they will face the tall task defeating Michael Jordan’s alleged son in Finals. Before that, he can enjoy his moment of trolling the Lakers, who will have to watch from home as their rivals celebrate.

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