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Dwight Howard Involved in Major Fight in Taiwan with Coaches and Players Throwing Punches, Gets Ejected

Dwight Howard, the renowned former NBA player, was recently ejected from a game in Taiwan after a fight broke out between his team, the Taoyuan Leopards, and the opposing team, the Beer HeroBears. The altercation started when Taoyuan Leopards player Chen Hsiao-Jung hit HeroBears player Chiang Yu-An with an elbow. This ignited a mass brawl, with coaches even throwing punches, making it more physical than the typical NBA fight.

Despite the fact that Howard didn’t throw a single punch, he was still ejected from the game. However, it’s been reported that he was attempting to calm people down, suggesting that he was not actively involved in the altercation in any way other than being a peace keeper. Despite his ejection, Taoyuan Leopards went on to win the game by 12, with a final score of 120-108.


Despite the chaos, Dwight Howard was still able to contribute to the team’s victory scoring 28 points and grabbing 14 rebounds prior to his ejection.


This might be the first time Dwight Howard witnessed a brawl of that magnitude during his playing career. Although the Taiwan League is usually great at keeping physical altercations in check, this fight was particularly aggressive due to the involvement of coaches. It’s safe to say that the league will probably hand down some lengthy suspensions over the ordeal.

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