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Did Lebron James and Adele Do a Secret Handshake at Bronny’s NBA Draft Combine Day Two?

In the world of sports and entertainment, unexpected moments often capture the imagination of fans worldwide. Such was the case when LeBron James and a white woman’s secret handshake went viral, leaving social media in awe and sparking a frenzy of speculation and admiration, with some even thinking it was Adele.

Why Did People Think Lebron James and Adele Did a Secret Handshake?

The scene was set at the 2024 NBA Combine, where the league’s top prospects gather to showcase their talents and vie for a coveted spot in the draft. On the second day of the event, all eyes were on Bronny James, the highly touted son of basketball legend LeBron James. Ironically, just hours earlier on First Take, renowned sports analyst Stephen A. Smith had praised LeBron for not attending the first day, believing his presence could add unnecessary pressure on his son.

However, LeBron defied expectations and arrived at the arena, accompanied by his wife, Savannah, who couldn’t hide her yawn as they made their way inside. Already seated in the crowd were Rich Paul, LeBron’s longtime friend and agent, and the still unidentified woman most people thought was Adele at first.

As LeBron descended the arena steps to find his seat, he paused to greet Rich Paul and his female companion. It was at this moment that the world witnessed the secret handshake between LeBron James and the white woman for the first time in history.

The intricate ritual began with a series of palm and back-of-hand pats, followed by a “go away” gesture that added a touch of playful flair. This stylish exchange left onlookers in awe, as it became evident that LeBron’s reputation for having a unique handshake for everyone he knows was well-deserved.

As aforementioned, at first some people thought it was a Lebron James and Adele secret handshake, but on closer look it appears Rich Paul was with a new woman, but she could be a business partner.

How Was Lebron James Secret Handshake with the White Woman Created?

While the origins of this secret handshake remain a mystery, speculation abounds as to how it came to be. Some suggest that the lady, eager to fit in with the basketball elite, requested a personalized greeting from LeBron. Others believe that the King himself took the initiative, ensuring that she felt welcomed into his inner circle.

Regardless of its origins, the viral moment served as a reminder of the unique bonds that can form between individuals from vastly different worlds. In an era where celebrity culture often dominates the headlines, this unexpected display of camaraderie between a basketball legend and the white woman has melted the hearts of fans worldwide. They feel it shows how humble of a person Lebron is.

Lebron James and White Woman doing a secret Handshake at Bronny James' NBA Combine 2024
Lebron and the White Woman Might Win Handshake of the Year Award Image Credit: NBA/YouTube

As the video of LeBron James’ handshake with the white woman who isn’t Adele continues to circulate across social media platforms, it has become a cultural phenomenon in its own right. Fans have taken to recreating the intricate sequence, sharing their attempts with the world and adding their own personal touches.

Moreover, the handshake has become a symbol of the enduring power of friendship and the ability of sports and entertainment to transcend boundaries. It serves as a reminder that even at the highest levels of fame and success, there is room for genuine connections and shared moments of joy. A testament to the unexpected bonds that can form between individuals from vastly different walks of life, and a celebration of the universal language of human connection.

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