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Timberwolves Security Guard Predicting Glen Taylor Protester Running on Court in Game 4 Sparks Conspiracy Theories

As you probably know since the playoffs began there has been some strange occurrences happening with fans on the court and sidelines. These incidents always happen during Timberwolves games, whether home or away. Just a few days ago a woman chained herself to the stanchion, and before that a woman tried gluing herself to the court during the Clippers vs TWolves play-in game. Today it happened again, but there was evidence that Timberwolves arena security guards already knew who the protester was before things got crazy.

Did Timberwolves Security Guard Predict Glen Taylor Protester Running On Court During Grizzlies vs Timberwolves Game 4? Details Behind Conspiracy Theory

Viral footage showed the moment an animal rights activist ran on the court during Grizzlies vs Timberwolves Game 4. A security guard tackled the protester almost immediately. Since the protests are aimed at Timberwolves owner Glen Taylor, he may have came prepared to make sure no protests successfully took place.

If you look closely in the footage you’ll notice the security guard sitting in the back is already looking at the protester. Even before the protester made her move the security guard was somehow already aware of who it was. At the same time it seemed like they weren’t exactly sure, because they didn’t do anything to stop her until she was actually on the basketball court. That might be protocol to avoid lawsuits though.

Pay attention to the upper right hand corner of the screen in the moments before the Timberwolves Glen Taylor protestor ran on the court.

Here’s a closer look where you can clearly see the security guard looking at the animal rights activist protester before she jumped out her seat.

The last time something like this happened during a game it was the work of a group called Direct Action Everywhere. They seem to be on a mission to make sure the world knows about Glen Taylor’s shady farming tactics. All things considered if that really is their plan it’s working quite well. Every time this happens Glen Taylor is talked about by many major news outlets. However, at the moment it’s not clear if Direct Action Everywhere was behind this most recent incident, could possibly be another group.

The Timberwolves security guard tackling the Glen Taylor protester who ran on the court during Game 4 was an amazing feat, but considering they seemed to notice the protester beforehand you have to wonder why they didn’t act sooner to prevent it from happening completely.