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Hotel Guest Catches Cleaning Staffer High on Ketamine After Coming Back to His Room at Akkuun Tulum

Have you ever worried about people going through your stuff when you’re at a hotel? It’s a reason many people make use of the ‘do not disturb’ sign in hopes it will deter the cleaning person from entering their room. In most cases items are never stolen, but every so often it can happen. In a recent situation the cleaning person decided to steal the wrong stuff, and it changed his life.

What is Ketamine?

The choice of a cleaning staffer at Akkuun Tulum Hotel led to the demise of two people. Both himself and the hotel guest found themselves in trouble with the law. The genius Akkuun Tulum Hotel cleaning staffer found ketamine after searching through a hotel guest’s belongings, then decided to try some while he was still in their room. Some reports are saying he didn’t even know what the drug was before using it.

Just for fyi, ketamine is a drug primarily used during surgeries to put people to sleep, or keep them asleep. The powerful drug creates a feeling scientist call ‘dissociative anesthesia’, which basically means you are in a trance like state. Of course for someone who just stole drugs from a hotel guest that’s the worst state to be in if you’re still in their room.

Hotel Guest Comes Back to Room to Find Akkuun Tulum Cleaning Staffer High on Ketamine on His Bed

The Akkuun Tulum Hotel guest comes back to his room to find the cleaning staffer passed out on his bed in what he described as a “Ket hole”. When security arrived in the room viral photo show the how the ketamine made the cleaning staffer’s eyes a very dark red. It’s not clear if the hotel guest called security, but ironically he possibly got himself in trouble by doing so.

Akkuun Tulum Provides Update About Cleaning Staffer High On Ketamine in Guest’s Room

After this situation went viral on social media naturally the hotel had to speak out publicly to let the world know how they handled the situation. It appears they fired the cleaning staffer for obvious reasons, and also reported both him and hotel guest to police.

It’s not clear if the Hotel guest is facing any jail time or why he had the ketamine, but typically illegal possession of ketamine is considered a misdemeanor offense that can either come with a $1000 or more fine, 6 months to 1 year in prison, or both.

Prayers up for the cleaning staffer, because it’s going to be tough finding a job after getting fired for using drugs stolen on the job. Talk about a double whammy.

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