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Was Donald Trump Election Concession Speech Fake? Conspiracy Theory of Deep Fake Donald Trump In Speech Admitting Defeat to Joe Biden Goes Viral

Was Donald Trump’s election concession speech fake? A new Conspiracy Theory of a deep fake Donald Trump in his speech admitting election defeat to Joe Biden is going viral. Many things about the released footage of Donald Trump conceding the election to Joe Biden seems very off as if it used deep fake technology.

Firstly the background of the video appears to be a green screen or CGI, in particular the flag behind him looks very fake. Donald Trump also appears to have a different hair color and neck shape than he did just the day before. During the footage you can also see the outline of Donald Trump’s neck appears to blur in and out, as if CGI is being use to generate his image. His mouth doesn’t move along properly with his words either.

Take a look at this strange evidence.

Press the unmute button at the bottom right of this video if you hear no sound.

Now here is a picture of Donald Trump speaking during Capitol Hill Building breach side by side with Trump speaking during his election concession speech just a day after. You can clearly see everything about Donald Trump has changed including his hair color, the shape of his face, and the shape of his neck.

When Donald Trump was blocked on Facebook and Twitter it may have also had something do with this possible deep fake Donald Trump speech video being created. Many people were shocked to hear Trump openly conceding defeat to Joe Biden, but it’s possible he himself hasn’t actually conceded defeat.

At the moment it remains a Conspiracy Theory of a deep fake Donald Trump election concession speech admitting defeat to Joe Biden since it can be 100% proven. However, it definitely seems like strange things are going on. We may never know the truth about this.

Author: JordanThrilla

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