Is Atlantic Records Using FEDS to Trap NBA Youngboy in Bad Record Deal? Here are Details Behind the NBA Youngboy Atlantic Records FEDS Conspiracy Theory

New details have come out about NBA Youngboy’s federal case, and people think something strange is going on behind the scenes. It’s alleged that NBA Youngboy could be released from prison before his trial, but the stipulations seem to bode well for the label he was trying to break free from. Now a conspiracy theory that Atlantic Records is using FEDS to trap NBA Youngboy in a bad record deal is catching steam.

According to reports NBA Youngboy could be released from prison next month under the follow stipulations.

  • 24 Hour Security Monitoring
  • Agreeing to Electronic Monitoring
  • Agreeing to being under House Arrest
  • Remaining Signed to Atlantic Records

As you can see the last part is very fishy.

Details of NBA Youngboy’s Record Deal with Atlantic Records

It was three years ago that NBA Youngboy signed a 5 album $2 Million deal with Atlantic Records. In hindsight it ended up being one of the worst record deals in recent history for a hip-hop artist with his success level. Over time many rappers like Gee Money have clowned him for signing a deal that bad.

Just last year NBA Youngboy publicly criticized Atlantic Records, and said he wanted to own his masters. He went as far as to say he would do his next 4 albums for free if they would just give him ownership of his masters. He stated that he really regretted signing that deal, and insinuated he was going broke because of it.

When you take all this into account you can see why the conspiracy theory Atlantic Record used FEDS to trap NBA Youngboy in his record deal has some merit. Now he potentially has to make music for them or he will stay in prison until his trial date. That doesn’t seem fair at all from the outside looking in.

Author: JordanThrilla Staff

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