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Did DeAndre Jordan Save Lebron’s Life? DeAndre Jordan Blocking Isaiah Stewart Running After Lebron James Goes Viral

Defense and DeAndre Jordan, the only thing they have in common is that they both start with the letter ‘D’. Despite that fact his defense has been a nightmare for coaches, which has caused him to become a journeyman, seemingly on a different team every year. However, in tonight’s matchup of Lakers vs Pistons, he showed he can play defense in the scariest moments.

DeAndre Jordan Protecting Lebron James From Isaiah Stewart Running After Him Goes Viral

In the third quarter of what seemed like another disappointing performance from the Lakers, Lebron James elbowed Isaiah Stewart leaving him bloody. From that moment chaos ensued as Isaiah Stewart tried fighting Lebron James.

The scariest moment came when cameras caught Isaiah Stewart running after Lebron James, but there was one man waiting in his destructive path ready to take the fall for Lebron. It was DeAndre Jordan, the man who never plays defense during games. Naturally DeAndre Jordan blocking Isaiah Stewart from running after Lebron James instantly went viral.

The video below is where Lebron James elbowed Isaiah Stewart leaving him bleeding. He was fighting through everybody to get to Lebron James, while leaking vital red fluid profusely. For a few moments after it seemed like things had calmed down, but the drama had just started.

Here is the video showing DeAndre Jordan standing in the way of Isaiah Stewart running after Lebron James with malicious intent.

It really looked like Isaiah Stewart would murder Lebron James in that moment if he had gotten his hands on him, but Deandre Jordan wasn’t going to let that happen. Some people are saying DeAndre Jordan saved Lebron James life from Isaiah Stewart. Does this make DeAndre Jordan untradeable in LeGM’s book?

There is much conversation on social media about whether Lebron James elbowing Isaiah Stewart bloody was a dirty play.

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