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8 NBA Players Who Look Much Older Than Their Real Age

The NBA is a league full of young and athletic talents who dazzle the fans with their skills and charisma. However, not all players look as young as they are. Some of them have features that make them appear much older than their actual age, whether it is due to genetics, lifestyle, or injuries. Here are 8 NBA players who look much older than their age, and the reasons why they do.

Malik Monk

Malik Monk is a 25-year-old shooting guard for the Kings. He was drafted in 2017 as the 11th overall pick, and he has shown he is a great scorer and shooter with supreme athleticism. However, one thing that stands out about Monk is his nasolabial folds, which are the lines that run from the nose to the corners of the mouth.

These folds are usually associated with aging, as they tend to deepen and become more prominent over time. Monk has had these folds since he was a teenager, and they make him look like he is in his 30s or even 40s, because of how deep they are.

Picture showing how Malik Monk looks older than his age
Malik Monk: YouTube Screenshot From Kings’ Interview

Trey Lyles

Trey Lyles is a 26-year-old power forward for the Kings. He was drafted in 2015 as the 12th overall pick by the Utah Jazz, and he has played for four different teams in his career. Lyles is a versatile big man who can stretch the floor and rebound, but he also looks like a 40-year-old recovering alcoholic.

His face is often pale and gaunt, his eyes are sunken and dark, and his hair is thinning and receding. He also has a scruffy beard that adds to his aged appearance. Lyles looks like he has been through a lot of hardships and struggles in his life, even though he is still relatively young.

Picture showing how Trey Lyles looks older than his age
Trey Lyles: Screenshot for Kings’ YouTube Video

DeAndre Ayton

DeAndre Ayton is a 24-year-old center for the Phoenix Suns. He was drafted in 2018 as the first overall pick, and he has emerged as one of the best big men in the league. He helped the Suns reach the NBA Finals in 2021, where he averaged 14.7 points and 12 rebounds per game.

Ayton is a dominant force in the paint, but he also looks like a guy in his mid-40s who smokes cigarettes and has several kids. He just has one of those faces that looks generally old. Most people would agree he looks like the oldest player on the Phoenix Suns, and Kevin Durant is almost 35.

Picture showing how Deandre Ayton looks older than his age
DeAndre Ayton: Screenshot From GQ Sports Interview YouTube Video

Joe Ingles

Joe Ingles is a 35-year-old small forward for the Milwaukee Bucks. He was first signed by the Jazz in 2014 after playing professionally in Australia and Europe. He has become one of the best shooters and playmakers in the league, as well as a fan favorite for his trash talk and humor. Ingles is one of the oldest players on this list, but he still looks older than his age.

His main features that contribute to his aged appearance are his premature balding, receding hairline, and his dad body. His hair is thinning and balding on the top of his head, and his hairline is hanging on by a thread. His body is also not very muscular or toned, but rather looks flabby and soft aka Paul Pierce syndrome. He looks like he could be someone’s retired father or uncle, rather than an NBA player.

Picture showing how Joe Ingles looks older than his age
Joe Ingles: YouTube Video Screenshot

Dewayne Dedmon

Dewayne Dedmon is a 33-year-old center who last played for the Sixers. He was undrafted in 2013 after playing college basketball at USC. He has played for over eight different teams in his career, mostly as a backup or role player. He is known for his defense, rebounding, and rim protection, but he also looks like an old retired player in the face while still being relatively young.

If he told someone that he was 40 years old, they would probably believe it. He looks like he put his actual face in an age filter app then it became his reality. It doesn’t help that he also rocks a the bald head look now, which people associate with old age as well. This guy appearance wise is truly 30 going on to 40. He’s aging like NBA players in the 70s. Some people say he has the Greg Oden vibes going on.

Picture showing how Dewayne Dedmon looks older than his age
Dewayne Dedmon: YouTube Screenshot

Alex Caruso

Alex Caruso is a 29-year-old guard for the Chicago Bulls. He was undrafted in 2017 after playing college basketball at Texas A&M. He signed with the Los Angeles Lakers in 2019, where he became a fan favorite for his hustle, defense, and dunking ability. He won an NBA championship with the Lakers in 2020, before signing with the Bulls in 2021 as a free agent.

Caruso is a young and energetic player, but he also looks like a muscular middle-aged professor. His most noticeable feature is his premature balding, which has left him with almost no hair on the top of his head. During games he looks like an experience teacher who hoops on the weekend wearing his favorite player’s jersey.

Picture showing how Alex Caruso looks older than his age
Alex Caruso: YouTube Screenshot

Kevon Looney

Kevon Looney is a 27-year-old center for the Golden State Warriors. He was drafted in 2015 as the 30th overall pick by the Warriors, and he has been part of four NBA championship teams with them. He is a reliable and versatile player who can defend big centers, and do the dirty work for the team. However, he also looks like the oldest player on the Warriors, but he is actually one of the younger players on the team.

His face is often stern and serious, his forehead is wrinkled and furrowed, and like DeAndre Ayton he has one of those faces that just looks generally old. You will often come across NBA fans who assume that Kevin Looney is in his late 30s, not realizing he’s barely over 25. It doesn’t help that he moves like an old NBA player due to this hip surgery.

Picture showing how Kevon Looney looks older than his age
Kevon Looney: YouTube Screenshot from ESPN Post Game Interview

Malcolm Brogdon

Malcolm Brogdon is a 30-year-old point guard for the Boston Celtics. He was drafted in 2016 as the 36th overall pick by the Milwaukee Bucks, and he won the Rookie of the Year award in 2017. He signed with the Pacers in 2019 as a free agent, and one became one of the best all-around guards in the league averaging 21.2 points, 5.3 rebounds, and 5.9 assists per game in 2021.

Brogdon is a smart and skilled player, but he also looks older than his age. His nasolabial folds are similar to Monk’s, as they are deep and prominent on his face. He also has a calm and composed demeanor that makes him seem wiser and more mature than he is. Many people are shocked when they realize he is only 30 years old.

Picture showing how Malcolm Brogdon looks older than his age
Malcolm Brogdon: YouTube screenshot from NBC Interview

These are just some of the NBA players who look much older than their age. There are many other factors that can affect how a person ages, such as genetics, diet, stress, and lifestyle. However, these players should not be judged by their appearance, but by their performance on the basketball court.

They are all talented and hardworking professionals who have achieved a lot in their careers. They may look older, but always remember the true threshold of aging should be how young feel physically.

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