AAU Referee Body Slammed by Parent During Fight at Bayl vs Indiana AAU Women's Basketball Game

During basketball games we see players fight other players all the time. Sometimes coaches get involved too. Very rarely do you see a referee involved in an altercation, but that is just what happened during a recent basketball game. An AAU referee was body slammed by an angry parent during a Bayl vs Indiana AAU women’s basketball game.

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It’s not clear what led to the fight, but you could see one of the Indiana AAU players swing before a parent powerslammed the AAU referee like a WWE wrestler. However, it did look like the referee threw the first punch.

Situations like these seem to usually happen during High School level basketball presumably because parents are much more emotionally involved in the games. Sometimes when a referee makes a bad call it’s tough to control your emotions.

However, attacking a referee is a slippery slope because of the impact it could have on your child’s future at that school or AAU program. The daughter of that man who body slammed the referee could easily be banned from participating in future games.

Hopefully no was one seriously injured, and none of the players face repercussions that hinder their basketball future.

Author: JordanThrilla Staff

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