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Dana White Claims He Caught an Illegal Streamer Preparing to Stream UFC 257

A few weeks ago Dana White threatened people who planned to illegally stream UFC 257, and it looks like his plan has already come to fruition. Dana White caught an Illegal streamer planning to stream UFC 257 according to his statement during during the Conor McGregor vs. Dustin Poirier press conference.

When a reporter asked him about his threat to illegal streamers Dana White said, “We got one, We got one” with a wide smile on his face. He insinuated once the suspect starts the UFC 257 illegal stream they will arrest him. He was basically talking directly to the person he claims they have already zeroed in on.

Skip to the 3:03 mark of the video.

Some people might say Dana White is bluffing to scare people so more, but the happy look on his face seems to convey he is telling the truth. He seem genuinely excited about the fact that UFC was able to catch an illegal streamer for the first time right before UFC 257.

Dana White admitted the other day that it would be a tough task, but catching just one would feel like a victory to him. It appears he is already seeing a victory about to happen, as he claims he caught that “one”.

If that illegal streamer wasn’t watching this press conference they probably have no idea UFC is literally just sitting waiting for them on Saturday.

Author: JordanThrilla

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