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Carmelo Anthony Pump Fakes a Free Throw Faking Out Staples Center Causing Lane Violation During Lakers vs Warriors

The man known for pump faking a shot during Dwyane Wade’s last NBA game, is going viral for a pump fake once again. This time he wasn’t sitting in the crowd, Carmelo Anthony was in the game, and wearing purple and gold. Carmelo Anthony faked out Staples Center on opening day.

Why Did Carmelo Anthony Pump Fake a Free Throw?

With 1:24 seconds to go in the 3rd quarter of Lakers vs Warriors, Melo was at the line to shoot a pair of free throws. For some inexplicable reason Carmelo Anthony second guessed himself midway through his shooting motion. The result was Carmelo Anthony pump faking a free throw leading to lane violations for both Lakers and Warriors.

What really made the moment funny was Carmelo laughing about what he just did after it happened.

This time Carmelo Anthony faked out Staples Center, but last time he faked out Barclays Center. He’s truly the pump fake king.

This was basically Carmelo Anthony’s first Shatin-a-Fool moment with the Lakers. As crazy as it sounds bloopers like that can actually help team chemistry by breaking the ice even more.

Seriously though, what was Carmelo thinking when he pump faked a free throw? This seems more like a Ben Simmons type of blooper.

Author: JordanThrilla Staff

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