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Russell Westbrook Slapped His Teammate Alex Len Twice After Dunking During Wizards vs Celtics Play-In

Russell Westbrook had a lackluster performance in the first Play-in game of his career, and his own teammate got beat up accidentally in the process. Russell Westbrook slapped his teammate Alex Len twice in the face in what was hopefully incidental contact.

The play happened after Russell Westbrook’s emphatic put back dunk. On his way down a strange motion of his arms caused Russell Westbrook to hit Alex Len’s face two times before he landed. The funniest thing about this incident was the “Why are you hitting me” reaction Alex Len gave while he was still getting slapped. It didn’t even look like Westbrook apologized after, possibly because he didn’t realize he almost knocked out his own teammate.

On the game Westbrook finished 6-18 from the field with 24 points, 14 rebounds, and 5 assists. It may seem like a monster stat line if you ignore the inefficient shooting, but these were non impactful stats. Westbrook struggled to finish around the basket due to Jayson Tatum’s length, and also couldn’t hit outside shots going 0-4 from deep. He looked to be having the same issues he had in the playoffs last year against the Lakers.

Russell Westbrook slapping Alex Len twice could be a chemistry killer going into their do or die elimination game vs Pacers.

Author: JordanThrilla Staff

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