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“Pregame Meal” James Harden Goes Viral After His Huge Pot Belly Stomach is Seen Before Lakers vs Rockets

“Pregame Meal” James Harden is going viral. Before players took the floor for Lakers vs Rockets the commentators couldn’t help but notice James Harden’s pot belly stomach looking bigger than ever before.

It almost looks like James Harden is pregnant at this point. Is it an optical illusion, or is the new version of him? In that moment one of the commentators said, “James Harden definitely had a pre-game meal“. The comment instantly took over the social media, and pregame meal Harden was born.

“Pre-game meal” James Harden is redefining what looking flabby and sick as living hell means in the sports world. Despite his overweight appearance his stamina and quickness is still among the best in the sports in the world.

In fact you could argue the fat inside James Harden’s belly actually gives him extra energy. The extra fat being stored there is like a natural energy reserve similar to how camels store fat in their humps.

As far as the Rockets are concerned Pregame meal James Harden is a great thing.

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