James Harden has had a great offseason in terms of winning over the Sixers fanbase after he came up short in the playoffs once again. When free agency started James Harden opted out of his contract, so Sixers could give him a new deal that would free up salary cap space to improve their roster. They came to an agreement on a 2 year $68,600,000 fully guaranteed contract. Now people are convinced James Harden is dating an Asian woman, while getting serious about his offseason fitness for Sixers upcoming season.

Is James Harden Dating Betty Zhou? Weight Loss Skinny James Harden’s Picture with Asian Woman Goes Viral

Recently a picture of James Harden with an Asian woman went viral for two reasons. Firstly it seems as if James Harden lost weight and is skinny now, which is a great sign considering all the thigh issues he has had over the past two years. Harden’s conditioning became a major source criticism during his last season with Houston, but now he seems to be a different person since he’s finally in happy place with the Sixers.

Of course the second the reason the photo is viral is due to the Asian woman James Harden in holding with a wide smile on his face. This has some people convinced that James Harden is dating Betty Zhou, whom is the Asian woman in the picture.

Who is Betty Zhou? Details About the Asian Woman in James Harden’s Picture

With the skinny James Harden weight loss photo trending on social media naturally people want to know more about Asian woman by his side. Betty Zhou is a famous star of many hats in China. Not only is she an ESPN China reporter, she’s also an actress, singer, producer, and television host. In 2013 she made history becoming first bilingual anchor from China to work the NBA Finals.

Essentially she’s like the Asian version of Malika Andrews, which is cool because they both work for ESPN albeit across the world from each other. If James Harden is dating Betty Zhou congratulations to them. However, recently Harden has been linked to Jessyka Janshel, so it’s highly possible that picture may have been right before some type interview.

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