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Did Jim Jones React to Trick Daddy Putting Coke in Weed When He Smokes?

For most people who partake in smoking Marijuana the thought of it being laced with a foreign substance is a nightmare. However, there are some people out there who purposely lace theirs with dangerous additives.

On a recent episode of Kitchen Talk, it’s possible Jim Jones reacted Trick Daddy putting coke in his weed when he smokes. Jim Jones was talking about how people in Miami smoke “Boonk”, which is weed laced with cocaine in a blunt. He then went on to tell a story about how shocked he was back in 2002 when a popular Miami rapper was smoking “boonk” regularly, and offered him some. He didn’t say the name, but if you put two and two together he is probably talking about Trick Daddy, who was the most popular Miami rapper during that time.

Skip to the 1hr 24 min mark of the video.

Jim Jones seeing the popular Miami rapper smoke weed mixed with coke was a culture shock, because where he is from anyone that does coke is crack head. He explained how surprising it was to see someone rich partaking in something only poor people did back in New York.

In recent times Trick Daddy has been arrested for cocaine possession, so the likely hood of Jim Jones referring to him is very high. However, it’s possible he could be talking about someone different.

Author: JordanThrilla