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Reddit User Exposes How DoorDash Customer Service Responded After a DoorDasher Threw His Food in the Road

If you order food online, you expect it to be delivered to your door in a timely and safe manner, but what if your delivery driver decides to throw your food in the middle of the road instead of bringing it to you? And what if the customer service of the company you ordered from offers you a measly $5 coupon as compensation? That’s what happened to a Reddit user who shared his experience with DoorDash, a popular food delivery app.

The Reddit user, posted a screenshot of his conversation with DoorDash customer service on the r/doordash subreddit. He claimed that the DoorDasher delivery driver threw his food in the middle of the road instead of delivering it to his front door. He then contacted DoorDash customer service to complain about what happened and asked for a refund. He said his meal costed $20, but DoorDash only offered him a $5 coupon for his next order.

When DoorDash asked him where his food was, he explained that it was in the middle of the road because it fell out of the box when the DoorDasher threw it. Of course he didn’t want to eat it anyway because it was probably dirty and cold. DoorDash customer service responded by saying “Although we encourage Dashers to wait a few minutes, we allow them to customize their own delivery experience”. This response baffled and angered the Reddit user, who interpreted it as DoorDash saying that throwing food in the road was a valid way of delivering it.

The Reddit user’s post received a lot of attention and sympathy from other users on the subreddit, who also shared their own stories of bad experiences with DoorDash customer service. Some users suggested that he should contact his bank or credit card company to dispute the charge, or file a complaint with the Better Business Bureau. Others advised him to switch to another food delivery app or service.

Reddit User Exposes DoorDash Customer Service after a DoorDasher Threw His Food in the Road
Reddit User Exposes How DoorDash Customer Service Responded After a DoorDasher Threw His Food in the Road

The post also sparked a lot of jokes and memes about how DoorDash considered throwing food in the road as “customizing their delivery experience”. People have imagined what other ways Dashers could “customize” their delivery experience, such as eating the food themselves, giving it to someone else, or leaving it at a random location.

The Reddit user’s post exposed how DoorDash customer service can allegedly be very bad, and unprofessional when dealing with customers’ complaints and issues. It also showed how some DoorDasher delivery drivers can be irresponsible and disrespectful when handling customers’ food. It raised questions about how DoorDash trains, and monitors its drivers and agents, and how it compensates its customers for poor service.

DoorDash is one of the largest and most popular food delivery apps in the US, with over 20 million users and 450,000 restaurants on its platform. It claims to offer fast, convenient, and reliable service to its customers, and to empower local businesses and communities. However, this incident suggests that DoorDash may need to improve its quality control and customer satisfaction standards if it wants to maintain its reputation and trust among its users.

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