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Here’s Why NBA Reddit is Currently Shut Down and How Long the Blackout Will Last

The NBA Reddit community is one of the most active and passionate online forums for basketball fans. With over 7.7 million members and thousands of posts and comments every day, it is a place where people can share their opinions, insights, highlights, memes, and more about the NBA. However, the NBA Reddit is currently shut down temporarily due to the Reddit Blackout protest related to the API pricing changes that will negatively impact third party apps.

The Reddit Blackout protest is a movement that started on June 10, 2023, when Reddit announced that it would increase the API rate limit from 60 requests per minute to 600 requests per minute for its official app and website, while reducing the rate limit for third party apps and websites from 60 requests per minute to 30 requests per minute.

This means that third party apps and websites that use Reddit’s API to access its content and features would have to make fewer requests or face errors and delays. Many Reddit users and developers of third party apps and websites were outraged by this decision, as they felt that it was unfair, anti-competitive, and detrimental to the user experience and diversity of the Reddit ecosystem.

As a result, many subreddits decided to go private or restrict their posts and comments as a form of protest, hoping to pressure Reddit to reverse its decision or at least negotiate with the third party developers. The NBA Reddit was one of the subreddits that joined the protest, along with other popular subreddits such as r/politics, r/science, r/gaming, r/movies, r/books, r/music, r/askreddit, r/NBA2k and more. The NBA Reddit moderators posted a message explaining their decision and asking for the users’ support and understanding. They also encouraged the users to contact Reddit’s admins and voice their concerns and feedback.

The NBA Reddit shutdown has left many basketball fans without their favorite online platform to discuss and follow the NBA, especially during the ongoing finals between the Denver Nuggets and the Miami Heat. Some users have resorted to using other platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Discord, or alternative NBA streams websites , but many have expressed their frustration and disappointment with the situation. They hope that the NBA Reddit will be back soon and that Reddit will reconsider its API pricing changes or at least compromise with the third party developers.

The Reddit Blackout protest is still ongoing as of June 12, 2023, and there is no clear indication of when it will end or what the outcome will be, but some reports suggest it will last around 48 hours. The NBA Reddit community is eagerly waiting for any updates or announcements from Reddit or its moderators. Until then, they will have to find other ways to enjoy and share their passion for basketball.

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