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Drunk Man Floods Cheating Girlfriend Car With Water in Viral Video

Throughout history we have seen many people who catch their significant other cheating get revenge in various ways. Sometimes people slash tires, or maybe put sand in someone’s gas tank. What you hardly ever see if someone using water to get revenge on their unfaithful partner. That rare moment happened in a video of a drunk man flooding his cheating girlfriend’s car with water.

In the footage a visibly distraught man drinking alcohol can be heard saying “got me f***** up”. He captioned his video with a message telling his girlfriend to let her new boyfriend know he flooded her car. It read, “Tell that n**** detail that. Fixing to go swimming in this b****”. His message along with the man using a water hose to flood his girlfriend’s car may mean that she cheated on him with someone who worked at a carwash business.

Most likely his ex-girlfriend is going to press charges against him, but he probably is already aware of that and didn’t care. He had his cheating girlfriend’s car looking like a swimming pool literally. There’s no way to fix a car after water damage like that, and it’s not even known if car insurance covers that type of damage considering how it happened.

At the end of day getting revenge on someone who cheated on you never makes the situation better. It’s easier just to move on with your life, and find someone that appreciates you.

Author: JordanThrilla Staff