The Wrong Turn (2021) trailer is going viral, and it looks very scary.

The movie appears to coincide with plots of the first two movies, while have a completely different plot at the same time. It appears in Wrong Turn 2021, the descendants of the villains in the first two movies are the ones wreaking havoc on the unlucky individuals who stumble into their territory, and they are more ruthless than ever before.

The trailer starts of showing one of the people mistakenly setting off a trap that sends a giant tree log rolling straight towards their group. From there the violence and mental torture towards them seems to get progressively more brutal.

Based on the trailer it seems the group of people tormenting the people in Forest had been off the radar of authorities for many years. A quick scene shows investigators were surprised to learn their descendants had carried on their legacy of hunting anyone who came into their Forest territory. This indicates they thought the problem was solved, but they were very mistaken.

The Wrong Turn (2021) seems like a must watch, especially if you liked the first two movies.

Author: JordanThrilla

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