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People are Mad Joe Buck Speculated Donald Parham Being Cold Caused His Arms Shaking on Stretcher

By now you know have probably seen the horrific situation that unfolded during Thursday Night’s Chiefs vs Chargers game. In sports non-contact injuries are usually the worse, and what happened to Donald Parham could be considered ‘non-contact’, since no other player was involved in his injury sequence. After paramedics stretchered him off the field, NFL announcer Joe Buck made some comments about Donald Parham’s injury that started a major controversy.

People are Upset Joe Buck Speculated Cold Weather Made Donald Parham’s Arms Shake on Stretcher

You know how sometimes people say they will never do something, then they do the one thing they just said they wouldn’t do a few moments later? This is the core of why people are mad about Joe Buck speculating about Donald Parham’s injury with a comment that was seen as disrespectful, and downright bizarre.

Naturally many people were very worried after seeing Donald Parham’s arms shaking as he was stretchered off the field. We detailed how he might have been posturing, which could be a sign of severe brain damage. For some reason Joe Buck thought the weather might have been the root cause of his involuntary movement, despite the fact he just saw Donald Parham knocked out after crashing his head against the field.

Without thinking Joe Buck speculated Donald Parham’s arms were shaking, because he was cold. He really thought that could be a possibility in this situation, which is a bit absurd considering what happened.

Joe Buck said,

“The last thing I would do is speculate about any injury, especially that type, but when you see his arms shaking on the way out that’s the part that’s most unnerving. I will just add that it is very cold, at least by Los Angeles standards.”

He definitely didn’t need to add the last part of his statement. Take a listen.

Donald Parham’s arms shaking clearly wasn’t related to the cold weather, and the “by LA standards” part just made Joe Buck’s comment that much more strange given the situation.

What it did look like is a medical term called posturing, which is an especially bad sign after a knockout, because it can indicate severe brain damage has occurred.

The 52 year old Joe Buck has been providing commentary during NFL games for the past 27 years. Back when he was hired by Fox in 1994 at age 25, he was crowned the youngest man ever to announce NFL games full time.

Considering his decorated background it was strange to see Joe Buck thinking Donald Parham was cold before his arms started shaking.

Authors: JordanThrilla Staff