When reports first surfaced that Young Thug and Gunna were among 28 people FEDS arrested on RICO charges as result of a Fulton County indictment, some people expected that Young Thug would easily beat the case. The details of what Young Thug was allegedly doing as a leader of his YSL gang were shocking, but early reports seem to insinuate the charges were based on anecdotal evidence. However, based on recent court documents that have surfaced, FEDS have YSL on their side now in the case against Young Thug.

According to police documents, The YSL gang was started by Young Thug, Walter Murphy, and Trontavious Stephens when they were living in the Cleveland Avenue area of Atlanta about 10 years ago. The federal indictment states that YSL is affiliated with Blood Gang. 28 people associated with Young Thug’s YSL group are being charged with Racketeering, armed robbery, murder, and being involved in other criminal street gang activity.

FEDS Say Young Thug Killed Donovan Thomas Jr. by Ordering Hit

Young Thug has some of the most serious allegations against him compared to others named in the 88 page indictment. One incident that stands out most is the allegation that Young Thug killed a man named Donovan Thomas Jr. by ordering a hit on him. FEDS say that in 2014 Young Thug rented a 2014 Infiniti Q50, which was then used by the people who murdered Donovan Thomas Jr on January 10, 2015. Based on the leaked court documents Young Slime Life members snitched on Young Thug confirming his connection to this murder.

Is YSL Snitching on Young Thug? Court Documents Leak Showing YSL Members Snitched on Young Thug Murdering Donovan Thomas Jr

According to leaked court documents FEDS claim that “multiple suspects, and known gang members stated Young Thug was aware of Donovan Thomas Jr’s murder, and orchestrated it”. In addition the court documents show that Young Thug’s friend Kenneth Copeland snitched that he was with him when he rented that Infiniti used in the murder.

WSBTV’s picture of FEDS arresting Young Thug and taking him into custody went viral the day it happened. He probably never expected that his own team would fold on him when things hit the fan.

Kenneth Copeland snitched on Young Thug, and he was one of his closest associates. When that happens things are really looking bleak in terms of beating a case even if you are innocent. There’s also the other YSL members snitching as well allegedly. Young Thug might really have been the hip-hop version of Aaron Hernandez all this time, and it seems FEDS have a strong case to prove it now. However, maybe he is innocent and this is all some huge conspiracy being set against him. The truth will come out as the court trial proceeds, but on the surface it looks like it might be an open shut case now.

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