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Did Michael Jackson Invent ‘The Griddy’? New Evidence Has People Convinced NBA Youngboy Stole Credit For Making it Popular

The Griddy’ dance is a popular move that involves tapping one’s heels while swinging one’s arms back and forth. It has been seen on TikTok, NFL games, and even by Christian Pulisic in a Champions League match. But who created this dance and where did it come from?

Did Michael Jackson Invent ‘The Griddy’ Dance Move? Video Evidence is Going Viral

Many people credit rapper NBA Youngboy for popularizing “The Griddy” dance with his song “Right Foot Creep”, which started the social media craze surrounding it. However, some fans have pointed out that NBA Youngboy was not the first to make this move popular. In fact, they claim that none other than Michael Jackson was the original inventor.

A viral video shows a clip of Michael Jackson performing in a Dashiki, where he does a very similar move to “The Griddy” dance. The video has amassed million views and thousands of comments across social media, with many expressing their shock and admiration for MJ’s skills. Some even called it “Michael Jackson’s Griddy”, insinuating that NBA Youngboy stole the credit for making it popular.

However, not everyone agrees that Michael Jackson was the first to do it. Some argue that he was just doing his own signature moves, such as the moonwalk or the toe stand, and the similarities are just coincidental. They point out that there are many other dances that involve heel tapping or arm swinging, such as tap or church dancing.

All this time Ja Morant was doing Michael Jackson’s move? What a plot twist.


Who Did People Believe Created ‘The Griddy’ Dance Before the Michael Jackson Video Evidence Went Viral

The truth is that there is no definitive answer to who invented this viral move. According to Wikipedia, The Griddy dance was originally created by Allen Davis, a high school footballer from Louisiana, who wanted to make his own rhythmic dance after being inspired by the Nae Nae craze in the mid-2010s. He taught his friend Ja’Marr Chase, a former LSU wide receiver, how to do it, and Chase passed it on to his teammate Justin Jefferson, who brought it to national attention with his NFL touchdowns.

So while Michael Jackson may have done something similar to ‘The Griddy’ dance decades ago, he was not necessarily its creator or its popularizer. It is technically the product of multiple influences and inspirations over time, and it continues to evolve and spread across different platforms and cultures.

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