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Video Footage US National Guard Soldiers Sleeping on Capitol Building Floor to Protect It 24/7 Goes Viral

Ever since the Capitol Building breach, protecting it from future harm has become much more important, and extreme measures are being taken to ensure nothing else happens. Video of US National Guard soldiers sleeping on Capitol Building’s floor to protect it 24/7 is going viral.

The footage shows countless US National Guard soldiers on the Capitol Building floor sleeping on tiny pillows to guard the area literally 24/7. With FBI allegedly receiving intel on constant threats of future attacks on the Capitol Building, this was a necessary step to take to prevent anything else from happening.

When the Capitol Building breach happened there was much backlash over the lack of security it seemed to have. A viral video of Trump supporters chasing a lone black cop through the Capitol Building conveyed just how bad the security measures in place were.

That can no longer be said as there are US National Guard soldiers literally making the Capitol Building their new home. The only question is when the time comes for them to leave will the security measures go back to being laxed?

Author: JordanThrilla

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