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Did Cell Foreshadow His Own Death in Dragonball Z?

Often times in great anime shows you realize intricacies were missed while re-watching episodes you have seen many times already. Dragonball Z is one of those shows where there were lines that may have revealed what direction the story would go, and people didn’t realize it. In the saga of Goku vs Cell there was an instance where a conversation revealed his fate long before it happened.

How Cell Foreshadow is Own Death While Talking to Gohan in Dragonball Z

Do you remember when Cell was fighting Gohan at the “The Cell Games” tournament? There was instance where cell said to him,

“You’re brave and loyal. Not many sons are willing to die fighting their father’s battles.”

Ironically that’s just how Cell died in the end, fighting his father’s battle.

Why Does Dr. Gero Hate Goku?

The evidence of Cell fighting his father’s battle stems back to his creator Dr. Gero. Remember, Cell was a special bio-android Dr. Gero created to murder Goku as part of a revenge plot. Dr. Gero didn’t like Goku, because he prevented the Red Ribbon army from ruling the world. Cell died fighting his father’s battle when Gohan defeated him. Dr. Gero is Cell’s father in theory.

The action in Dragonball Z often times distracts people from how deep of a story line it is. The writers of the show were telling the world what would happen, and most people never realized it. The fact that Cell foreshadows his death in a such a stealthy manner just makes that moment from the storyline much more epic.

Author: JordanThrilla Staff

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