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Alleged Fake Snow in Texas Sparks Bill Gates Sun Climate Change Conspiracy Theory

Is the snow in Texas fake? People are alleging there is fake snow in Texas, which is sparking a Bill Gates Sun Climate Change conspiracy theories.

This all started when people tried to melt the Texas snow with fire, and realized it wasn’t melting at all. Another person tried microwaving the snow, and it also didn’t melt. Is there a scientific explanation, or is the government dropping fake snow on Texas? Also how does the Bill Gates Sun conspiracy theory tie into all this?

Well first take a look at this strange evidence.

Press the unmute button at the bottom right of the videos if you hear no sound.

As you can see the alleged fake snow in Texas doesn’t melt, rather it’s burning like it’s made of some type of unknown substance. According to conspiracy theorists Bill Gates is attempting to block out the Sun to further push importance of his Climate Change ideas, which he has invested large amounts of money into. Last year people accused Bill Gates of 666 Devil conspiracy theories revolving around his push for implantable vaccine chips in every human being, Luciferase, and the HR Trace act.

While it can’t be 100% proven the snow in Texas is fake, these videos definitely make you wonder.

Author: JordanThrilla