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Can Dasani Water Cause Cardiac Arrest or Heart Attacks?

Is Dasani water deadly? A viral podcast clip on tiktok looked into three ingredients found in Dasani water. Among the issues these ingredients can cause one is seemingly life threatening. There is a science backed conspiracy theory that Dasani water can cause cardiac arrest or heart attacks.

The three ingredients found inside Dasani water are magnesium sulfate, salt, and potassium chloride. Based on how these ingredients affect humans two of them are possibly added to increase long term profit, and one is technically deadly.

Potassium chloride causes cardiac arrest or heart attacks, and is used in lethal injections during death row executions. Magnesium sulfate is a drying agent, which can make your mouth feel dryer the more Dasani water you drink. Lastly salt is added for taste, but is also another substance that makes you feel thirsty. Presumably a thirsty person is going to drink more of their product, which also means more revenue coming from a single person over a lifetime.

Here is a picture of the three ingredients on a Dasani water bottle for reference.

Can Dasani Water Cause Cardiac Arrest or Heart Attacks?

Is drinking Dasani dangerous? Probably not, because the amount of potassium chloride inside is probably very minute. The good news is till this day there is no known case of Dasani causing cardiac arrest or a heart attack.

All in all there are ingredients that may make Dasani a bit far from a “healthy” option if you are looking for truly “clean” water. This is why some people are fans of Spring water, which is bottled at the source.

Author: JordanThrilla Staff

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