Did GFIVE snitch on Ru? Young Thug’s bestfriend Jon Ru exposed Lil Baby’s brother GFIVE snitched on him with paperwork evidence from a shooting.

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According to the government documents and Ru’s claims from a interview GFIVE is a person named “Stephen McAlister”. Based on the paperwork it appears GFIVE snitched on Ru shooting “D Rock” after a fight at Bayard Plaza. The paperwork says GFIVE willingly provided information to a detective named Michaud in a criminal investigation division interview room.

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According to the story in the paperwork below GFIVE told police that after going to Bayard Plaza Ru was talking trash to D Rock, which led to D Rock slapping Ru in the face. GFIVE went on to tell police that Ru shot D Rock after getting slapped.

Take a look that paperwork evidence Ru posted on social media to expose Lil Baby’s Brother GFIVE as a snitch.

Young Thug’s friend Ru calling out Lil Baby’s brother GFIVE for snithcing is ironic, because he has a song titled “First Day Out” that preaches against snitching. If GFIVE snitched it would basically make him almost like Tekashi69, a snitch who raps about not snitching. It would also make Lil Baby look bad for having a known snitch in his crew.

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You have to wonder if this will start a beef between Lil Baby and Young Thug.

Author: JordanThrilla

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