Tyler Perry Strange Calvin Rodney 'Prostate Tickled' Line From Sistas Show Goes Viral

Tyler Perry is back in the news for another strange incident during one of his hit shows. This time incident in question happened on an episode of the show “Sistas” where Tyler Perry included a line about “prostate tickling”.

During a breakup scene between the characters Calvin Rodney and Sabrina, he started talking about his feminine side and liking crossdressing. The scene got even weirder when Tyler Perry had Calvin Rodney talking about liking his prostate tickled. People couldn’t believe lines like that made it to the final cut of the show.

Not too long ago an even stranger Scene from Tyler Perry’s show ‘The Oval’ showing man pleasuring himself on actress Donna Feldman went viral for the same reasons. People think his topic choices are questionable.

To his defense Tyler Perry always talks about how he isn’t afraid to show some of the hidden things that go on in the real world behind closed doors. Theoretically speaking these strange scenes are very real in that regard. Still yet hearing Sistas character Calvin Rodney’s prostate tickled line just seems a bit too random. Imagine how many takes it took for the actors to complete that scene with laughing.

Now Calvin Rodney liking his prostate tickled on the Sistas show could have people thinking about that in real life when they see him.

Author: JordanThrilla Staff

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