Demarcus Cousins Fight Devin Booker After Dendre Ayton Alley-Oop Game Winning Dunk

When you just lost a game on two missed free throws and a miracle alley-oop play naturally you’d be mad, but Boogie took his anger a step further. After Game 2 was over footage shows Demarcus Cousin fighting Devin Booker for apparently no reason.

Out of nowhere Demarcus Cousins pushed Devin Booker with a lot of force sending him flying backwards. Booker put his hands up as to convey he was thinking “what was that for”, then had to held back from retaliating. Devin Booker’s nose was already plugged up from being headbutted by Patrick Beverley, so he probably wanted no parts of Boogie.

When Clippers had a 1 point lead with only 8 seconds remaining, Paul George calmly missed two free-throws in a row after hitting a series of clutch shots to give his team the lead. Those two misses would prove most costly as Jae Crowder hit Deandre Ayton with a game winning alley-oop dunk.

Suns now lead the series 2-0, and the world is left wondering why Demarcus Cousins pushed Devin Booker.

Author: JordanThrilla Staff

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