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LaMelo Ball Injures His Wrist Again on Mother’s Day During Hornets vs Pelicans

A dream come true holiday game for Tina Ball of seeing Lonzo vs LaMelo had a very scary moment. LaMelo Ball injured his wrist again on Mother’s Day during Hornets vs Pelicans. He’s just a few games back from missing weeks due to breaking that same wrist.

The injury happened when LaMelo Ball was hustling and trying to block a shot but jammed his hand into the backboard. On the slow motion replay you could see his hand bent back way too far from the force. At the moment it’s not clear how severe his wrist is hurt this time.

If there is any silver lining here it would be the fact that bones are harder to fracture or break after they have fully healed from a previous fracture. The bone material that fills in a break or fracture is composed of cells that are harder than regular bone.

Hopefully LaMelo Ball doesn’t have to miss any time due this new wrist injury. Like the commentators said, what are the odds?

Author: JordanThrilla Staff

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