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Did Floyd Mayweather Cancel Weed? Floyd Mayweather Says His Kids Can’t Be Boxers Because They Smoke Weed

Floyd Mayweather’s legendary interview with Gillie Da Kid has the sports world buzzing, because of his comments about weed. It’s been rumored for a long time that Floyd Mayweather doesn’t drink or smoke weed, and now he indirectly confirmed it. Floyd Mayweather revealed that he believes weed and boxing don’t mix.

In a segment talking about his sons and daughter, Floyd Mayweather said his kids won’t be boxers, because they like smoking weed. In his full statement he said, “My two boys like to smoke weed, so I know they’re not going to box“. He explained that he realizes they are grown ups that can make their own decisions, so he respects that they don’t have the same mindset as him. Some people feel Floyd Mayweather cancelled weed.

Here is the full interview where Floyd Mayweather revealed a lot of the secrets behind his thoughts and actions throughout his life and career.

Floyd Mayweather might be one of the most focused and drug free athletes in sports history.

He’s probably never even smoked a victory cigar before. It’s no surprise that he’s the pound for pound greatest boxer ever.

Author: JordanThrilla Staff

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