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Lahaina Whistleblower Exposes Alleged Proof Maui Wildfire was a Land Grab to Build a Smart City

A conspiracy theory is going viral on social media that the deadly Maui wildfire that killed at least 99 people, and destroyed the historic town of Lahaina was part of a sinister plan to restructure the layout of Maui, to make it more accessible and eco-friendly, which would make it more lucrative for developers and investors.

Was the Maui Wildfire Part of a Plan to Build a Smart City? Lahaina Resident Whistleblower Exposes Alleged Evidence

The viral conspiracy theory claims that the fire was intentionally set or allowed to spread by powerful interests who want to turn Maui into a “smart city” – a technologically modern urban area that uses an array of digital technologies to enrich residents’ lives, improve infrastructure, modernize government services, enhance accessibility, drive sustainability, and accelerate economic development.

Some Lahaina residents feel they have proof that the Maui wildfire land grab conspiracy theory might be true. A viral video shows a Lahaina whistleblower who had alleged proof that the fire was part of a larger scheme to transform Maui into a smart city. The video was recorded during a town hall meeting where the resident confronted the local authorities and asked them:

“By a raise of hands, have or are any of you participating in an event on restructuring as a stakeholder on Maui at any level whether your state, federal, private, or a private citizens? Are you engaged in or is your name listed as a stakeholder on any of the redevelopment plans regarding a smart city?”.

The video shows that none of the officials raised their hands, which the resident interpreted as a sign of their guilt and complicity.

He then claimed that there are documents that showed that some of the officials were involved in secret meetings, and consultations with various entities and experts on how to implement smart city technologies and policies on Maui.

In addition on social media there are more rumors alleging some of the land that was burned by the fire was already earmarked for smart city projects, such as renewable energy plants.

The video has sparked outrage and controversy among Maui residents and online users. Some have expressed support and admiration for the resident’s courage and determination to uncover the truth.

They have demanded justice and accountability for the victims of the fire, and for the preservation of Maui’s culture and environment if the allegations are ever proven true. They have also called for more transparency and participation in the decision-making process regarding Maui’s future development.

The authorities have not commented on the video, or on the allegations made by the resident. They have reiterated their commitment to finding out the cause of the fire, and to helping Maui rebuild from the tragedy. They have also urged Maui residents to remain calm and united in this difficult time.

The conspiracy theory has raised many questions and doubts about the Maui wildfire and its aftermath. Was it a natural disaster, or a man-made catastrophe to pave way for a smart city? Was it an accident, or an arson? Was it a random event, or a planned operation? Was it a tragedy at the expense of an opportunity? Who is behind it? What is their motive? What is their agenda? What is their vision for Maui?

These are some of the questions that many people are asking as they try to make sense of what happened in Maui, and what will happen next. As Maui faces its biggest challenge in its history, it also faces its biggest choice: what kind of county does it want to be? If the Lahaina resident is right, it seems the answer to that question was already predetermined even before the fire started.

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