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Man Sucker Punches Woman Outside Lil Durk’s Concert For Fighting His Girlfriend

Lil Durk is known for his music, but recently he became the center of attention for another reason. A video that allegedly shows a man sucker punching a woman who was fighting his girlfriend outside Lil Durk’s concert has gone viral on social media, sparking a heated debate on whether the man was right to protect his girlfriend or whether he was wrong for striking a woman.

The incident reportedly happened on Saturday, after Lil Durk’s show at the Fox Theatre in Detroit. According to some witnesses, the woman who got punched was part of a group of people who were harassing and provoking the man’s girlfriend as they were leaving the venue. When the two started fighting the man then reacted by punching woman while she was focused on attacking his girlfriend.

The video of the punch was captured by another concertgoer and posted online shortly after. The clip quickly went viral, with many people expressing their opinions on what happened. Some people defended the man, saying that he was justified in defending his girlfriend from an aggressive attacker. They argued that gender should not matter when it comes to self-defense, and that anyone who starts a fight should be prepared for the consequences.

Others condemned the man criticizing him for sucker punching a female. They argued that if he was going to defend his woman, he could have found other ways then blindsiding someone. That tactic is usually frowned upon even when it involves two men. As you’ll see in the video that hit made the woman fall to the ground dazed, but the fight still continued with several other people getting involved. Situations like these are why many people avoid going to concerts in the first place these days.

Lil Durk stays in the headlines for strangest reasons, even when it doesn’t technically involve him. This wouldn’t be the first time something crazy has happened before, after, or during his concerts. Hopefully no one got seriously injured during the scuffle.

At the end of the day the man made a split second decision to defend his girlfriend, whether it was right or wrong he might have saved her from getting seriously injured. When things like that are happening in the moment sometimes your usual morals go out the window, and emotion takes over.

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