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Is Shannon Sharpe Gay? Why Allegations are Trending Amidst Colin Cowherd Club Shay Shay News

Shannon Sharpe, the NFL Hall of Famer and former co-host of FS1’s Undisputed, has recently announced that he is moving his popular podcast, Club Shay Shay, to The Volume, a digital network and podcasting hub founded by sports host Colin Cowherd. The news comes after Sharpe’s exit from Undisputed in June, which he marked with an emotional farewell speech to his longtime partner Skip Bayless.

Is Shannon Sharpe Gay?

However, Sharpe’s podcast move has also sparked some rumors and speculation about his personal life, especially his sexual orientation. Some conspiracy theorists believe that Sharpe is secretly gay and that his stylist, Hollywood, is his lover. They seem to believe that his farewell speech on Undisputed was proof of Sharpe’s hidden relationship with his stylist, who allegedly also goes by the name “D-Print” on social media.

During that speech Sharpe talked about how he flew out Hollywood to Los Angeles, and how close of a friendship they had that went beyond just work. While it sounds like they were just really good friends, conspiracy theorists interpreted Sharpe’s farewell speech as a hidden confession of his love for Hollywood.

Despite the conspiracy theories, still till this day there is no concrete evidence that Shannon Sharpe is gay, or that he and Hollywood are more than friends. However, it seems the speculation will never stop, because you never really know what the truth might be when it comes to the secret lives of celebrities that the world never sees.

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