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Woman’s Pleasured Filled Orgasmic Rollercoaster Ride Goes Viral

A woman had an orgasm while riding a rollercoaster with her son sitting next her. She got so into it that she even told her son “stop talking to me” as it happened.

Based on the footage it appears the seat belt area of the rollercoaster holster was rubbing against her crotch area as it went up and down. This sent the mother into quick state of ecstasy, making for one of the most hilarious social media moments ever.

Take a look at this woman going nuts on a rollercoaster for a different reason than the excitement of the ride.

It seems the woman’s son was too young to realize what was going on, which is a good thing. One can only imagine how awkward that moment would be if he realized what was happening the entire rollercoaster ride. Hopefully he doesn’t see this video when he gets older, because his friends are going to clown him for sure.

The mothers reaction at the end of video said it all. She bit her lips and had look of exhaustion on her face like she had just made love to her husband or boyfriend. She probably doesn’t realize she is social media famous now.

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