Magic Johnson $ex Life Interview Detailing His Orgies With 6 Women At Same Time and Smashing a Woman in Lakers Office Before HIV

Magic Johnson retired from the NBA in 1996 after being diagnosed with HIV. At the time rumors about wild romps Lakers players were having with women were brought to the forefront. In this day age conversations about the topic would have been reserved, but back then Magic Johnson wasn’t afraid to get super candid about the reckless unsafe things he was doing with woman, which eventually led to him contracting HIV.

During this interview Magic Johnson’s $ex life was the topic of conversation as the reporter grilled him with bold questions. Things got super intense when Magic Johnson described how he smashed a woman in Lakers’ office after she told him she wasn’t wearing underwear. He described how he was watching the door and sweating, while making love to her.

Later in the interview stories of the orgies Magic Johnson had before his HIV prognosis were confirmed. Magic Johnson said he slept with 6 women at the same time, because it was his fantasy and theirs. This makes you wonder what Magic Johnson did with Janet Jackson.

Part 2.

The most important piece of the interview was where Magic Johnson said, “I paid the price”. Those are the words everyone should remember before engaging in reckless unprotected endeavors with romantic interests. A few moments of unprotected pleasure isn’t worth a lifelong health battle.

Even back then Magic Johnson didn’t seem to regret the things he was doing with women before learning he had HIV, but understands some lifestyle changes could have prevented his prognosis.

Considering how long ago this interview was it’s good to see that after all this time Magic Johnson is still strong and healthy despite living with HIV.

Author: JordanThrilla Staff

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