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Hawks Fans Put Their Lighter Phones Up after Trae Young Shoots Lights Go Out at Arena During Game 6 vs Sixers

You know that old saying that goes, “shooting the lights out”? Trae Young really did that on Live TV, even if it was just a huge coincidence. After Trae Young hit a clutch three ball to pull his team within 1 point, the lights went out at Hawks arena, and what happened after turned out be a historical looking moment. All around the arena Hawks fans put up lighter phones to help bring some sight back to the arena.

It’s moments like that that show how connected Hawks fans can be with their basketball team. A rare accident becomes a legendary moment. Trae Young shooting the lights out at Hawks arena during Game 6 vs the second best team in the East record wise is a cool addition to his growing career highlight reel.

This was the play right before the lights go out during Hawks vs Sixers Game 6. Trae Young beat the shot clock with a clutch three that put his team within reach of taking the lead.

When lights go out during NBA games you always have to wonder how security would respond to situations happening when visibility is so low. What happens if a fan was walking down the steps, and fell after the lights went out? What happens if a fight breaks out, and you can’t see where it’s happening? It always seems like a very dangerous situation from a security and liability standpoint, which begs the question how did it happen? That’s the kind of mistake that’s never supposed to happen.

Author: JordanThrilla Staff

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