When you go to an NBA game you don’t expected to become the object of a clown session on Live TV, but that is just what happened to one unlucky Bulls fan wearing an old Michael Jordan jersey. Bulls commentators roasted the fan wearing an old Bulls Jersey that looked fake. The Bulls announcers went on for minutes about how cheap the fan’s Bulls Jersey looked.

It got so bad that Bulls twitter had to step in and say they would buy the fan a new jersey. Take a look.

Although that fan’s Bulls jersey did look fake and very old, what the Bulls commentators did seemed uncalled for. Why go in on fan just trying to enjoy the game with his a jersey he probably had since he was a youngster?

The bright side is that he is getting a new jersey. The dark side is that he will watch this video when he gets home and realize Bull announcers roasted his Bulls Jersey he probably thought was fresh. He might not be a Bulls fan anymore after this incident.

Author: JordanThrilla

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