Charles Barkley a Hockey Player Now? Viral Video Shows Charles Barkley Playing Goalie Against Wayne Gretzky

Charles Barkley is man of many talents. He was a great swimmer, a legendary basketball player, an incredible sports television personality, and a decent golfer if you ignore his strange swing. What people didn’t know is that Chuck had a hidden talent for a sport played on ice too.

Charles Barkley a Hockey Player?

At 58 year old Charles Barkley made his debut as a Hockey player. In basketball he was known for his great offensive skills despite being undersized height wise, but in hockey he’s a much better defensive player, because of all the extra weight he gained with old age.

A viral video shows Charles Barkley playing hockey against Wayne Gretzky. Charles Barkley was playing Goalie, which left him at the mercy of the still skilled Wayne Gretzky. They were playing a shootout to see how many times he could score within 5 attempts.

Wayne Gretzky scored 4 goals on Charles Barkley, which is impressive considering it was his first time playing goalie in Hockey.

Wayne Gretzky is basically the Michael Jordan of Hockey. He has some incredible records to his name.

If Charles Barkley wasn’t so worried about injuring himself he may have done a little better. If he was being more active he probably could have held Wayne Gretzky to 3/5 shooting.

Who would have guessed we would see Charles Barkley playing hockey against Wayne Gretzky in 2021.

Author: JordanThrilla Staff

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