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All You Need to Know on Whether Conspiracy Cards are Legal in Commander

In the world of Magic: The Gathering (MTG), the Commander format, also known as Elder Dragon Highlander (EDH), stands out as a fan-favorite for its social and strategic gameplay. It’s a format where players craft 100-card decks around a legendary creature, their commander, and battle it out in epic multiplayer games.

However, with a vast library of cards available since MTG’s inception, not all cards are deemed suitable for Commander play. This brings us to an intriguing subset of cards known as “Conspiracy” cards and their legality in the Commander format.

Conspiracy cards were introduced in two supplemental sets specifically designed for draft play: “Conspiracy” and “Conspiracy: Take the Crown.” These sets brought a new twist to the drafting process, with Conspiracy cards offering unique effects that could alter the game before it even began. For example, some Conspiracy cards could affect the draft itself, while others had ongoing effects that started in the command zone.

Are conspiracy cards legal in Commander?

The question of whether Conspiracy cards are legal in Commander is straightforward: they are not. The reason for their exclusion lies in their design. Conspiracy cards were crafted for a draft environment and do not function within the traditional rules of Commander. They can create imbalances and unpredictable scenarios that are not in line with the spirit of the format.

The Commander format prides itself on being a social, fun, and inclusive way to enjoy MTG. The rules committee, which governs the format, aims to maintain this ethos by curating a ban list that excludes cards that could disrupt the gameplay experience. Conspiracy cards, by their very nature, are designed to influence the game in ways that are not compatible with the established Commander rules.

For instance, a Conspiracy card like “Advantageous Proclamation” allows a player to reduce the size of their draft deck, giving them a statistical edge in drawing their best cards. In Commander, where deck consistency is already a challenge due to the singleton rule (only one copy of any card, except basic lands), such an advantage would be contrary to the format’s principles.

Moreover, Conspiracy cards that affect the draft process have no place in a format where decks are constructed beforehand, not drafted. Cards like “Lore Seeker,” which adds additional booster packs to the draft, become irrelevant in Commander.

The ban on Conspiracy cards also aligns with the philosophy of keeping the format enjoyable for all players. Commander is known for its social aspect, where the journey of the game is just as important as the outcome. Conspiracy cards could potentially lead to one-sided games or strategies that detract from the interactive and communal nature of Commander.

It’s worth noting that the ban on Conspiracy cards is not a reflection of their power level but rather their fit within the format. Some Conspiracy cards are relatively benign, but including them would open the door to others that could significantly alter gameplay. The rules committee’s decision to exclude all Conspiracy cards is a blanket approach to prevent any potential issues.

While Conspiracy cards are not legal in Commander, players who enjoy their unique effects can still explore them in casual playgroups. In such settings, house rules can accommodate the inclusion of Conspiracy cards, provided all players agree. This flexibility allows those who appreciate the draft-centric mechanics of Conspiracy cards to experience them in a more controlled and consensual environment.

To summarize and recap, Conspiracy cards are not legal in Commander because they were designed for a different play experience. Their exclusion ensures that the Commander format remains a place where players can gather, strategize, and enjoy the game in a way that’s fair and fun for everyone involved.

As the MTG community continues to grow and evolve, the rules of formats like Commander will adapt, always with the goal of fostering an enjoyable and inclusive atmosphere for players around the globe.

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