3 Easy Steps to Become a Crab Fisherman in BitLife

Are you looking for a career change in BitLife? Have you ever thought about becoming a crab fisherman? Crab fishing can be a rewarding and lucrative job, and it is easy to get started in BitLife. To become a crab fisherman in BitLife, you need to complete certain steps. This guide will walk you through everything you need to know about how to become a crab fisherman in BitLife, plus give a little history lesson.

What is Crab Fishing?

Crab fishing is the commercial or recreational harvesting of crab, a saltwater crustacean. The practice is undertaken in waters on every continent and for many crab species, albeit with varying levels of intensity. The most common method of crab fishing is known as “trawling” and involves the use of a fishing net kept open by a series of nets attached to the main net. Crab fishing is an ancient practice dating back to at least the 4th century B.C.

In Greek mythology, a fisherman named Triptolemus was tasked with controlling the corn harvest after the death of his uncle. After discovering the corn had grown out of control and was destroying the land, Triptolemus was instructed to “cut it down, and burn the ears as quick as possible, and then plant corn in the ashes.” Triptolemus discovered a different and more sustainable method of controlling the corn harvest by harvesting an abundance of crabs from the sea.

3 Steps to Become a Crab Fisherman in BitLife

Becoming a Crab Fisherman in BitLife won’t be possible unless your character is at least 18 years old. If you’re impatient that might be tough to hear, because you’ll have no choice but to wait for your character to get older if you aren’t at the age yet. Once you reach that age you’ll find something called a “Greenhorn Job” in the job listings section with a picture a of crab and “Fishery” written beside it. You’ll find the job listing menu under “occupation”.

In this section you’ll see a plethora of other careers such as Engineer or Deck Boss, but you definitely want to choose the Greenhorn position if you plan on becoming a crab fisherman. Think of it as the entry job required to be promoted to the final position.

Once you put in your virtual application for the job, and pass an interview then you secured the new career, plus you’ll be able to complete the Deadliest Catch Challenge, which involves being a woman born in Alaska.

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