Legendary Twitch streamer Sherr Sherrng is being hailed a hero after her quick thinking saved her dad’s life. During a Valorant livestream things took an unexpected turn when people noticed Sherrng was distracted by something happening in the background of her home setting. Recently she revealed exactly what went down with video footage from the Twitch stream in a TikTok video.

Did Sherr Sherrng’s Dad Have a Heart Attack? Details on Why Sherrng Ran Off Valorant Twitch Stream to Save Her Dad’s Life

Sherrng was leading her team to another victory in Valorant when she began to turn her head away from the screen. Her dad was making strange noises in a desperate attempt to get her attention, because he knew he was experiencing a life threatening health issue. She walked away from the Livestream to go investigate what was going on, and about 15 minutes later she returned, but had a frightened look on her face. Her Twitch stream ended without an explanation leaving her viewers wondering what happened.

In a recent TikTok video it was revealed that Sherr Sherrng’s dad was having a heart issue serious enough to require a 911 call, and ambulance ride to the hospital. It was confirmed that Sherr Sherrng’s dad had a heart attack when she captioned her TikTok video detailing what happened with a caption saying, “If your lover and your dad fell into the sea, who will you save? My dad had a heart attack, and doc said any later it would have been a gg. His heart stopped once in the hospital. His condition is stable now”. Sherr believes her father would have died if she hadn’t gotten up to check on him.


“If your lover and your dad fell into the sea, who will you save🥲” my dad had a heart attack and doc said any later it would have been a gg, his heart stopped once in the hosp. his condition is stable now 🙏🏻

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Her Valorant squad lost the game due to her walking away mid match, but they still won in the end because her dad is still alive, and now stable. Kudos to her for knowing her dad was much more important than her Twitch channel in that moment. Sherr Sherrng’s dad’s surviving cardiac arrest and a heart attack is nothing short of a miracle she made possible with quick thinking.

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