Anthony Davis seems to be gaming more than ever these days since he spends most his time injured, which has led to some funny moments. For example a few weeks Lebron calling in during his Call of Duty session had everyone laughing. In the latest hilarious gaming moment Anthony Davis kidnapped and murdered Stephen Curry on GTA 5 livestream.

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In the footage Anthony Davis was carrying Steph Curry, then made him stand on the edge of a roof top while pointing a gun at him. As he held his hands up in fear, Anthony Davis shot Stephen Curry in the back of his head causing his body to fall off the roof ledge. After the deed was done AD said “We Out” as they escaped the virtual crime scene.

The funniest part of the video was probably when Anthony Davis’ friend asked “Do you want to shoot him”, to which he replied “Yup”. After all those times Anthony Davis got crossed up by Stephen Curry and cheated by refs during the Warriors vs Pelicans series some years ago, he wasn’t going to let him slide in a video game.

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Author: JordanThrilla Staff

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