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Why the Potential BlackRock Japan Takeover is Fueling Conspiracy Theories About the Anime and Gaming Industry’s Future

BlackRock is the world’s largest asset manager, and it assigns an ESG score to every company, which stands for Environmental, Social, and Governance. An ESG score in theory pressures them to conform to political correctness, or insert some political agenda into their products to appeal to certain demographics.

Why Conspiracy Theories about BlackRock Impacting the Gaming and Anime Industry in Japan are Trending

ESG is also strongly promoted by the World Economic Forum, a financial organization that often advocates for an agenda called the “Great Reset.” Conspiracy Theorists feel that the over emphasis on diversity in games, and political correctness in TV shows and movies in recent years are prime examples of the power BlackRock has to influence the end user product.

Some conspiracy theorists are worried that Japan might be opening up to more ESG influence and censorship as its Prime Minister Fumio Kishida has invited BlackRock and other investors to put their money in Japan. If you’re a fan of Anime, then you probably know it’s one of the few types of media that is rarely impacted by censorship, but conspiracy theorists feel that could change due to BlackRock.

According to FT, Kishida said that Japan’s economy and wages have improved after years of stagnation and deflation, and that Japan’s stock market is at its highest level in 33 years.

Kishida made these comments at a meeting with the world’s biggest investors, where he expressed his confidence in Japan’s transformation into an international financial center, his willingness to implement further reforms, and his request for new investments in Japan’s future. He also said that Japan had a rare opportunity to enter a new phase of economic growth and stability.

Kishida’s critics are not surprised that he has a low approval rating of 29%. They fear that his invitation to BlackRock and others might expose Japan to more ESG policies and politicization or censorship, especially in the gaming and anima industries.