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COD Player Gets Caught Beating his Wife on Live Stream After the Call of Duty Player Forgot to Turn Off His Mic

One the worst habits some people have is forgetting to mute their gaming microphone when it isn’t in use. However, sometimes this habit can lead to catching people doing something illegal. Such was the case when a COD player was caught beating his wife during a livestream after forgetting to turn off his mic.

As soon as people in the game realized the Call of Duty player was beating his wife they began to have a serious discussion on what to do next. One person was thinking of calling the police. Several other gamers start to cheer own the wife to defend herself, which you can hear she actually did.

Skip to the 1:26 mark of the video below.

Call of Duty online continues to be an indirect truth revealer in a world full of lies. For example it was during a COD stream that the hidden side of former Heat center Meyers Leonard was revealed. This time a COD player beating his wife was caught in the act during a stream.

Hopefully the woman is okay, and that just sounded worse than it actually was.

Author: JordanThrilla Staff

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