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People React Chloe Ferry Engaged to Wayne Lineker With Hilarious Videos About Their Age Difference

Chloe Ferry is engaged to Wayne Lineker, and their massive age difference has social media buzzing. Chloe Ferry is 25, while Wayne Lineker is 58. That put’s a 33 year age difference between them, which seems absurd. This guy was THIRTY THREE when she was a new born baby and Forty Three when she was only 10, but then again they say age is just a number after you’re 18 years old right?

When people heard the engagement news they took to twitter to post some of the most hilarious video reactions to Wayne Lineker marrying Chloe Ferry. The photo that caused the stir was Chloe Ferry showing off her engagement ring.

People are wondering why Chloe Ferry got engaged to Wayne Lineker, but the two possible answers are quite simple. The first is that she might be a gold digger, and he has a lot of money. Now she’s set for life unless he makes her sign a non-lucrative prenuptial agreement. It’s unlikely they will have kids, so she probably wouldn’t be able to cash in on child support. The second possibility is that maybe they actually have true love. It’s possible he has the George Clooney or Denzel Washington affect on her, because young women still swoon over them even at their old ages.

Who is Wayne Lineker

Wayne Lineker is a wealthy entrepreneur,  actor, and owner of world famous Linekers Bar, which is prevalent across Europe. He is the brother of the famous British professional soccer player Gary Lineker. In 2013 he made headlines after appearing the well know European reality show  “The Only Way Is Essex”. To date Wayne Lineker owns a massive amount of famous clubs and dining businesses across most of Europe. His was born on April 25, 1962.

Author: JordanThrilla