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Devin Booker Does ‘Rock the Baby’ Taunt to ETHER Russell Westbrook With His Own Taunt During Lakers vs Suns

Throughout his career when Russell Westbrook taunts opponents, they usually end up getting the last laugh. Whether it was the Utah Jazz series where he dissed Ricky Rubio, the L he took to Damian Lillard, or his beef with Joel Embiid, he always seems to lose those battles in the long run. That trend continued during Lakers vs Suns.

Devin Booker Does to the ‘Rock The Baby’ Taunt Russell Westbrook During Lakers vs Suns

This situation started when Russell Westbrook ‘rocked the baby’ after scoring an And-1 fadeaway on Devin Booker in the first quarter. He would learn he celebrated too soon, because later on in the game Devin Booker ‘rocked the baby’ to taunt Russell Westbrook after scoring and-1 on Kent Bazemore in the same fashion.

Take a look at this hilarious sequence of events.

How it started.

How it ended.

Ever since last season Devin Booker has been owning the Staples Center. Tonight was more of the same as Suns destroyed Lakers again behind his co-leadership. Devin Booker finished the game with 22 points on 9/19 shooting. Not an efficient game from him, but he got the win.

Lakers have looked even worse than last season so far. Going back to the preseason Lakers have lost 3 straight times to the Suns.

Russell Westbrook finished game shooting 5/14 from the field to score 13 points along with 10 rebounds and 8 assists. He flirted with a triple double, but his offensive woes continued.

How long before LeGM starts making moves?

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